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Look! How wonderful offer of ceramics, porcelains and bisquits already shown in the home page of the site of
"La Bottega delle Ceramiche" ("The workshop of Ceramics"). You can furthermore find all kinds of colours and equipments.
I have been keeping in touch with the owners of this firm for quite twenty years, but their activity started long before. During this time I have been looking them growing up, experimenting, evolving till to create all the new proposals as for ceramic and porcelain as for the other supports you can find visiting ther site or - far better - their factory.
They invented papers and mouldable pastes, that quicken, update, embellish my works, giving them also a touch of originality.

Besides all concerning ceramics, you can pick products and equipments for decoupage, resins for glass, as soft-glass, and respective supports, and so on.
Furthermore, here you can find not only a large choise of products and accessories, but also the competence and the expertise of Masters who tests novelties before putting them up for sale: so you can pick all suggestions and the artfulness to perfectly exploit the potenzialities of each product.

It has been them that have been motivating, facilitating, encouraging, feeding all the time my desire of experimentation, proposing me each time both seminars and new articles or original techniques, exploiting above all my predisposition to works requiring precision and patience.

See their website and you find out all kinds of offers for a lot of techniques:

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