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My painting on fabrics was born by chance many years ago, when I had been involved by the headmistress of the nursery school my son was attending in that time (now he is a man).
The idea was to celebrate Dads all together. At the beginning we organized a surprise fishing for the children: each child had to fish a little parcel containing a toy.... It was very amusing!
Then, children grew up and they were no more interested in toys. Besides, the surprise hardly ever met their desires, but the favourite toy always dropped in the hands of another child.
At last is was time to change. So, here the idea of hand painted T-shirts.


The real first experience had been a white shirt. I had a lenght of piqué that I got sewn by my mother-in-law, having a loose-fitting shirt in order to wear it over the trousers and to have basically a large surface to paint. So a bush of roses took form, as well as a nest and a couple of little birds.

So, the idea to combine painting with clothes has been becoming more and more manifest. The main products were therefore T-shirts for children; patterns often were the animals children like more: parrots, toucans, horses, leopards, lions, any kind of cats and dogs, with some concessions - for younger children - to the world of toys or comics.
Continuing with these offers, I noticed that not only children were interested in hand-painted T-shirts, but also the adults, mainly mothers.
So, on request, I began to paint summer T-shirts and tops for adults with every sort of patterns. From the summer shirts I arrived to the winter cushions. As I have not knowledge enough of sewing, I limit myself to already manufatured supports, but I can also do tablecloths, table carpets, towels, curtains, tea towels and any other idea else. The essential thing is only using natural fibres (cotton, linen, silk, hemp).
The hand painted fabrics can be handwashed using a gentle washing powder, but also put in the washing machine, taking care to select a soft cycle and providing that the water temperature doesn't exceed 40°C.
Then you should iron on the reverse side or protecting the pattern by a cloth.
If you take care of the fabrics, they will wear well longtime: my shirt I spoke about is more than 10 years old and it is still worth to be admired.

Also in this page, please click on one of the buttons under the picuture to start the show of the protographs: the button in the middle allows you to see the pictures sliding automaticly one after another; on the contrary, if you prefer to take your time in looking at the works, please click on the button on the right to go on and to the button on the left to come back.

Finally, if a piece attracts your attention, click once on the picture and you can see it enlarged.

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