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Exhibition 2011



With some other artists I organized:


The display took place - from the 4th to the 20th of march 2011 - in Rivarolo Canavese, in the showrooms overlooking Litisetto Place, next to the Town Hall.
It has been
a great success! Nobody expected to see so many (there were more than 400!) original, riches, carefully made, very effective pieces at the same time!

The event fitted in two other important manifestations:

Sunday March 13th 2011: Cioccolitalia
The tradition of chocolate in Piemonte, basically in Turin, dates from the Renaissance and it is well kown all over the world.

Rivarolo Canavese is part of this tradition, thanks to some artisans of consummate skill. Rivarolo holds since last year the record of the longest bar of chocolate in the world.
March the 13th,
"Cioccolatò" repeated; it was an event where chocolate was the star. To pay homage to the 150 years or the Unity of Italy, this time they called this day "Cioccolitalia".

So, on this Sunday, everybody was invited to pour into the streets to enjoy the innumerable activities associated with
Cioccolitalia, in spite of rain.
Besides, our works realized about the theme of Chocolate and Unity of Italy were shown in the Town Council Hall.

Thursday March 17th 2011: 150th Anniversary of the Unity of Italy.

Great celebrations for this anniversary took place also in our town and our exhibition was open and at disposal of visitors....

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