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My First Steps

My Teachers

The Beginning

My earliest experiences on ceramics go back to the half of the eighties, under the guidance of my Friend-Master Mariella, who initiated me into the secrets of this art.
I learnt with her help the traditional technique, that's the mastery of colours and cone-shaped brushes.
For me, who came from charcoal drawings and oil painting, it had been quite a change and to adapt myself to the new way of painting required great efforts!
Mariella and me, at the end of the eighties, organized an exhibitioin of our works in the little town where we are living; this had also been a way to fit into the local community.
Till today I am exchanging with Mariella experiences, suggestions, advice and "discoveries".

Some years later, visiting a collective exhibition in Turin, I took part too, I admired a piece of another artist.
I asked her to give me some lessons, so I learnt the technique of miniature with water-thinning colours, the use of the pen-nib and the 0/0 sized brush over all. Under her direction I began to mix different techniques: lustres, reliefs, diggings and gold and platinum.
What I found more congenial with my personality and with my tendency to take care of the pieces in any least detail is to reproduce figures in liberty style, made precious by lustre backgrounds, dots, graphemes.
This experience expired when this artist, for family and work reasons, had to set aside the artistic activity.

I should like to send her from this page big big thanks for having given me the guidelines and the imprints that became part of me, of my style and of the way to express myself.

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