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Filipe Pereira

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Filipe Pereira

Filipe is today one of the most important (if not the best by far) Master in China Painting with the soft oil technique, that he handles with a confidence and an admirable gracefulness.
His stoke - skilled and soft at the same time - gives on china and porcelain concrete form to an unequalled immagination and a chromatic sensitivity.

I have already met Filipe in 2009, in Bosconero, at
"La Bottega delle Ceramiche", when I participated to a two-day stage, painting two great dishes that attracts magneticly one's attention wherever I put them.

I always ran after the opportunity of a further stage, and I could realize it only four years later, because of his various appointements, that lead him everywhere in the world.
I can affirm now that this delay has been extremely profitable, as in the meanwhile I had the opportunity to practice in soft oil technique with Daniela Avidano, so that I learnt a lot in this second stage with Filipe, and I even received the compliments of the Master. Also these pieces have a their-own charm.

If you want to know more about Filipe, his creativity and his masterpieces, visit his website:

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