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Eduardo Reis

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Eduardo Reis

"Bottega delle Ceramiche" ("The workshop of Ceramics"), I gratefully assign one of the following pages, organize periodically seminars with world-wide fame artists, who are Masters in soft-oil painting.

About fifteen years ago, this firm invited me to participate to a stage concerning the painting of a landscape with the technique of soft oil, stage done by Eduardo Reis.

Eduardo is a painter who lives and works in Brazil, but he puts his skill and ability at disposal of everybody wants to approach this technique all over in the world. Eduardo paints wonderful landscapes with a splendid light, both on porcelain and on canvas.

I deeply appreciate his refinement in details and the finishin touches of his works.

With Eduardo I began to use soft-oil, that - compared with the technique of miniature I had already assimilated - had been another revolution again. It is not a technique congenial to my nature, but I continue to attend his seminars, as well as Rose Borges' ones, because in every stage I always learn something new or uncommon that I can rework, restyle, personalize after.

Eduardo is not only a great artist, but he also has a gentle and patient temper and he always puts his students at their ease, so they can easily learn and continuously improve themselves.

If you want to know more about Eduardo and his works, look for him on Facebook

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