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I insert in this two series of photographs the most important works I am fond of.

The word
"IMPORTANT" means for me elaborated pieces whose execution required great care and attention.
These works usually needed more than a fire and a detailed previous study.

Besides, they demanded the use of different materials and techniques and precious fittings.
In my opinion, the results I achieved were very gratifying, but, above all, to create these objects had been exciting!

Please click on one of the buttons under the picuture to start the show of the protographs: the button in the middle allows you to see the pictures sliding automaticly one after another; on the contrary, if you prefer to take your time in looking at the works, please click on the button on the right to go on and to the button on the left to come back.

Finally, if a piece attracts your attention, click once on the picture and you can see it enlarged.


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