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Welcome to you all who, intentionnally or by chance, are visiting this site.

First of all I apologize with you for my bad English, but I'm not English and I live in no english-spoken Country.

The photograph beside shows a night view of the little town where I'm living for longtime and where I dedicate my free time to my hobby that is painting on china, fabrics and glass. I mentionned these materials according to the time, the passion and ..... the money I devote to.

Whatever the object to paint may be, as it is a completely hand-painted one, beginning from the drawing ending to finishing touches, we always are in front of an
only piece: I don't like to repeat the same pattern, and even when I have to do it twice ore more, the result is always different, because each time the moment, the object, the inspiration, the creative impulse, the colors, the hand..... are different.

The wish to come into play every time in order to know and correctly use the new materials that are constantly put on the market, the desire to renovate and polish the technique, the sensibility and the ability, that have been always leading me during all these several years and that continue to make me thrilled, suggest me to share with you the results of my great care and my searches.

If you like to know more about the way I did the works you meet in these pages, if you want to have an idea of costs and prices, or if you simply wish to express a feeling or an opinion, don't hesitate to fill in the form you find in the page "contacts".

Good crossing through this site to you all and thank you for the time you devote to me.

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