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Exhibition 2012


The Visitors' Office of Robassomero, a little village near Turin, invited me to participate to their "Spring Festival", that took place on 30th, 31th March and 1st April 2012.

So I showed my works in Saint Charles Church, in the middle of the village.

It is the first Church built in Robassomero in about 1600. It is a little, warm, cosy and lighted Chapel with the original floor.


The organization was perfect: it was not only carefully made, but the assistance given by everyone of visitors' office of Robassomero was so fond, enthusiastic and cordial that made me feeling at home.

Thanks to their great promotion, a lot of interested people came and visited the exhibition. So the show could not fail to be a success.

Here some pictures reminding these magic three days, and a pair of photographs concerning the exhibition I did in Bussoleno, the 6th of may 2012

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