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Peter Faust

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Peter Faust

I love Peter's works a lot! Their originality, the painting so gentle and incisive at the same time, are always so charming for me. Besides, Peter is really THE WIZARD of lusters!
I had been drawing from Peter's books for a while and I had long been waiting for a stage with him. So, this winter, I carved out a week and I reach him in the north of France, where he was doing a stage at the atelier of a French china painter, and I realized the kingfisher you see.
It was a very exciting experience! Peter's explanations - always exact, accurate, clear and exhaustive - enable you to realize the piece by yourself, both under his guide, during the stage, and after, at home.
I really learnt a lot of tricks and ways to treat colours and paintbrushes, I discovered new colours and materials: It is worth the trouble! A stage hardly ever gave me so much enthusiasm and confidence in my potential.

If you want to know more about Peter Faust, please visit his site and discover his magic world :

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