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Daniela Avidano

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Daniela Avidano

Daniela is the most versatile and inventive of my teachers. Her curiosity brings her to experiment with new products and to combine all possible techniques, also setting preciosus and semi-precious stones.

So, also exploiting all new items that are often put on the market, we shuffle the cards with mouldable pastes. This play of words hides the possibility of using the new coloured papers, applying them on pottery as a collage. These papers let also people who haven't too feeling with paintbrushes easily decorate porcelain with abstracts and geometric patterns.

On the other hand, who is clever in painting can use papers to create backgrounds of an uniform and covering shadow in order to easily paint on after fire.
Some papers are already slightly worked, so that they can return a splendid bright/mat effet, even when covered by a coat of gold or platinum.

The mouldable pastes are a wonderful novelty: they are a sort of ready-for-use reliefs, also available in different colours, to apply on the porcelain, creating high volumes, a lot of patterns and they can even incorporate glass and murrhines or glue two pieces together.
If you mould these pastes with masterly, you can obtain a pattern that looks like lace. When well dry, the mouldable pastes can be covered by a coat of colour (using water colours of course), creating all sort of nuances, and even by gold, before firing!

With Daniela I am improving in painting portrait, really because with these new techniques I can realize, for example, very effective veils or necklaces. At the end, you can still put the finishing touches by the use of Svarowsky crystals or precious or semiprecious stones.

Do you want to know more about the fantasy of Daniela? Open her site:

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