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The painting on glass I do is based on the use of coloured resins. The latest discoveries propose water-thinned products, so odourless and "clean".
Resins, when they are lightly laid, leave the glass its original transparence, only changing its colours; resins become covering simply increasing the thickness of the coat.
We might consider that resins drying and hardening become darker: it is a feature to keep in mind when we are painting, to avoid to have at the end of the work too much violent colours with respect to what we expect.
Another limit is that we cannot fire these pieces, so they can only have a pure ornamental purpose, but they are not suitable for everyday uses.

So, we can have splendid vases and plates can be very fine cake stands or fruit bowls, but they aren't fit to contain cooked foods, also because they are affected by the hot water of dishwashers.
On the other hand, resins can include and envelop other small objects, as beads, murrhines, stones, shells, gold and silver leaves, to create original works: pendants are a great example of the mingling of various elements.

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